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March 23, 2021 By Ион 0

A few easy ways to reduce your driving emissions

Automobiles account for 22% of total CO2 emissions, according to Environmental Protection UK. While this may not seem like a huge percentage, air pollution from vehicles is one of the most toxic on the planet and can have detrimental effects on human, animal and environmental health.

However, thanks to the introduction of more environmentally friendly vehicles, air quality is gradually improving. Under agreements with the EU, car dealerships are now required to report vehicle CO2 emissions per kilometer, making it easier for drivers to choose an environmentally friendly vehicle.

But what can drivers do other than buying a greener vehicle to reduce their emissions from A to B. Let’s find out.

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1. Regular engine inspection

Regular inspection of your vehicle’s engine will ensure its maximum performance and the most efficient fuel combustion.

2. Do not overload the vehicle

When your trunk is clogged with heavy objects, your car needs to do more work and burn more fuel. Try not to overweight in everyday driving.

3. Always use the correct engine oil.

By using the correct engine oil recommended by the car manufacturer, your engine will run smoother, resulting in increased performance and efficiency.

4. Drive carefully

Unlike fast and aggressive driving; driving smoothly and carefully will help reduce your vehicle’s emissions. Try to accelerate and decelerate smoothly. Plus, cars burn more fuel while standing still, so keep driving at low speeds whenever possible rather than stopping.

5. Check the tire pressure.

Under-inflated tires have much higher rolling resistance, which means you will burn fuel less efficiently. Check the tire pressure every 1-2 weeks and increase the pressure when carrying heavy loads.

6. Disconnect unnecessary electrical equipment.

Modern cars are equipped with electrical components that put additional stress on fuel consumption. When driving, turn off unnecessary electronics, including the defroster, fog lights, when you don’t need them.

7.Use Maxxrecovery Fuel Additives

Maxxrecovery Fuel Additives contain an advanced formula that quickly removes harmful deposits from fuel injectors, saving fuel and extending engine life.