March 23, 2021 By Ион 0

How do Maxxrecovery additives reduce fuel consumption?

To determine the effectiveness of reducing fuel consumption from the use of the “Maxxrecovery” additive for gasoline during operation in road conditions, a fleet of cars was used.

On the matched pair of vehicles, the long term fuel consumption reduction was measured at 80,000 km. One car was running on standard unleaded gasoline meeting EN228 requirements, while the other was running on the same fuel but containing the “Maxxrecovery” gasoline additive. The fuel consumption reduction data measured in this work program is shown below, and it follows from them that when using gasoline additives “Maxxrecovery”, fuel consumption can be reduced by more than 3%.

At the end of the road test, the three vehicles accounted for more than 240,000 km of mileage in two years, and the use of Maxxrecovery gasoline additive did not result in problems such as a sticky intake valve, degraded lubricant properties or reduced handling. These results, combined with successful practical experience gained in many countries, provide greater assurance that the job will be fully satisfied.

This positive effect gives car enthusiasts and professional drivers very economical means to provide their fleets with the highest quality gasoline, while meeting the latest requirements for modern high-quality fuels.