Diesel Additive
Power Clean DPF

158 MDL

  • Removes soot from the particulate filter (more …)
  • Extends the life of the DPF and EGR filter
  • Reduces exhaust emissions


DIESEL ADDITIVE “POWER CLEAN DPF” is a multifunctional diesel fuel additive package. Cleans and regenerates particulate filters.

If you have a modern diesel vehicle, it most likely has a diesel particulate filter. This filter became mandatory a few years ago to reduce emissions. It removes soot from the vehicle exhaust by trapping it in the filter.

Unfortunately, this means that soot can easily build up in the filter and eventually clog. Soot burns out at high temperatures – for example, when you drive on the motorway for a long time – but if you drive around town or stop / start frequently, you will not burn the soot, thus, you will encounter a clogged particulate filter problem on a fairly regular basis.

DIESEL ADDITIVE “POWER CLEAN DPF” reduces the combustion temperature of soot so it burns during normal driving without the need to heat up the engine too much.

DIESEL ADDITIVE “POWER CLEAN DPF” provides the following benefits for diesel engines:

  • Removes soot from the particulate filter (more …)
  • Extends the life of the DPF and EGR filter
  • Reduces exhaust emissions

DIESEL ADDITIVE “POWER CLEAN DPF” contains a catalyst based on nanoparticles of metal oxide, which reduces the combustion temperature of soot by 30% more efficiently than other technologies, saving you time, fuel and money.

You can use the DIESEL ADDITIVE “POWER CLEAN DPF” when the DPF indicator is on to clear the blockage, or normally to prevent problems and avoid costly repairs.


It is recommended to use it every 8 thousand kilometers. The highly concentrated composition is compatible with all types of diesel engines with a high pressure system, including “Common Rail”, “PD-Pumpe Duse”, “Delphi”, “Bosch”.

  • Fill the fuel tank immediately before refueling.
  • Use up fuel without refueling.
  • Drive 32 hours (or 2 tanks) for full results

Attention!!! An overdose of the additive, even 2-3 times, will act as effectively and will not harm your car (more …)

Safety measures when using additives “MAXXRECOVERY” (more …)


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