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How “Maxxrecovery” diesel additives reduce fuel consumption

The improvement in fuel efficiency for diesel engines can be measured in a number of ways. In this case, the improvement in fuel efficiency is proved by the results of the CEC F-98-08 tests on the DW10B engine.

The tests were carried out by SGS Schwechat (Austria) in accordance with Austrian energy efficiency legislation.

Экспликация к графику:

horiz. – Equivalent mileage, km;
by vert. – kg / hour; columns on the graph from left to right: 0 hours, 15,000 km, 30,000 km,
40,000 km, after application of the “Maxxrecovery” cleaning additive

With the use of “Maxxrecovery” additives in modern European direct injection diesel engines, an improvement in fuel efficiency of up to 4.3% is observed.

Purge test on Peugeot DW10 HSDI direct injection diesel engines
In order to verify the power recovery at the recommended dosage of MaxxRecovery, the additive was also tested in purge mode on a high speed DW10 direct injection engine.
All tests were performed using CEC DF79 reference fuel + 1 ppm zinc. The figure below demonstrates the excellent performance of MaxxRecovery in purge mode.

As shown by the above data, the involvement of the “MaxxRecovery” additive with a recommended dosage of 150 ml per 50 liters during a standard test run of 4 hours ensures engine cleaning and power recovery.